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Aduanafc.com spoke to Head Coach Nurudeen Ahmed ahead of the team’s first game of the season against Inter Allies on Sunday.

Read a transcript of the interview below:

On the team news: We don’t have any injury situation at the moment. Zakaria [Mumuni] was not well but he was able to train. Bright too also trained today so it’s confirmed that they are fit and eligible to play on Sunday. We don’t have any injury situation at the moment.

On the team’s preparation for Inter Allies match: Our preparation has been normal. We would have wished that we played against a lower Division side before the Inter Allies match but we couldn’t. But all that notwithstanding, obviously [Sunday’s game against Inter Allies] is an away match and the pressure and expectation [for the match] is high. On the other hand, we did not get the fixture the way we want because that is the first match so we are hopeful that we should get a good result from the match.

 On his selection headache with the array of star players at his disposal: It’s normal [with the array of stars at our disposal] but selection is going to be based on the number of training sessions that we have had, tactical preparations and how they are going to fit into the team tactics, and the way forward. It’s going to be based on performance and how the players can adapt to the technical elements of the game at stake because it’s an away match and we are going to be under pressure so we need to have people who are focused; who are tactically good and can stand the test of the match.

On going to play on an Astroturf pitch: No, it’s not going to be an issue at all. I remember when we were at Wa AllStars, we never had access to the pitch. But our players are experienced and they have played on the pitch before so it is not going to be an issue even though we would have wished we had some training sessions on the turf. But we were able to train on a small sized Astroturf pitch yesterday so it’s enough.

On the game he is expecting from Inter Allies: Yes, it’s going to be tough because they are playing at home. They will take advantage of the pitch and the support. But I think Aduana supporters are also many in Accra and they will come to support the team. Also, the game being the first match means it’s not going to be easy for both teams because teams always pick up their performances as the matches progress. It’s not going to be a 100% performance but we are hopeful that In Sha Allah, we get a good result in the match

On facing ex-Aduana coach Herbert Addo and whether he still knows the players well: No, that one is not going to be an issue. We have new players and those players he used to work with are not here, but a few are still around. But I don’t think that will not be an issue or a problem. They also have problems.

On whether Herbert Addo’s experience will have an effect on the game: No, I don’t think so. The game is going to be based on the players and the tactical approach that each team is going to apply. I think we have more experienced players and we hope to give them a match of their lives, In Sha Allah.

On what a win on Sunday will do for the team: A win will be a great start for the team because the expectation is high and if we get the win, I think that our aspirations would have been on course.

Club News